7 Things Are Not talking about To CHILDREN


1. Do not make promises or threats.

Promising rewards, punishments, or threats and not keep your own words will make your child lose confidence or feel you can underestimate the meaning of your words. Worse, he could do negative things to get your attention.

2. Do not think a white lie will succeed.

Like anyone else in this world, children had the right to know the truth. So even when you make promises or plans, and the promise was not successfully met, be honest and compromised the next step (either by rearranging the schedule, or other). Children will feel disappointed when discovered early plan failed, but then will subside. At least you do not need to fear the possibility of your lies exposed, because you do not lie. Children must learn that the plan will not always run smoothly, and can be flexible.

3. Do not force it to speak when you're angry.

You should say, "Mama can see you're upset and angry. Mama think you should calm yourself first. Mama is here if you already want to talk, "rather than" You're why again? "Or" What now, anyway? "If they're angry, give him a little personal space.

4. If you do not want to hear the answer, do not ask.

"No" is a word that is very effective when used at the appropriate time. Save the word is for extreme situations. If your kids have to go out with you, do not ask, you should make them understand. "You want to come Mama or not?" Is not as effective than, "We want to go to Tante Ita's house."

5. Do not discourage your child.

If they feel afraid, or when they make mistakes, do not over dramatized. Do not then get angry or make your child feel inferior. Because this will reduce their confidence in you. They also will keep their distance from you to protect (protect) their own feelings.

6. Do not pretend that it will go away.

If the child violates the rules that have been agreed upon, either by a sudden whine in the supermarket, or cause an unpleasant situation, or deliberately not doing their job, face it. Do not think that it will pass.

7. Do not try to enforce discipline when you're angry.

Kala is angry or being furious, often we will do the things we will regret later on. Calm yourself. Once you can master the emotions, just explain the consequences to your baby.
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