Asmat already familiar with some people. This tribe is one of the tribes residing in southern Papua in the interior. But, if we know more about this tribe?

Asmat population is black and curly hair. His body is quite high. The average height of women of about 162 cm and the height of men came to 172 cm.

Asmat people feel part of nature. That is why they have great respect and maintain the natural environment indeed, around the tree of life where they are pictures of himself. Description of the arms tree trunk. Fruit describe head. Root described the foot.

Asmat work environment everyday people in their environment. Mainly in search of food. Children must help their parents. Looking for light bulbs, shrimp, clams, crabs and lobsters to eat. In the meantime, her father cut down trees and sago game animals gathered power of the jungle. The cooked mothers. They also have the task of the kitchen, the mother also has the task of capturing the fish in the reservoir.

Asmat cuisine don't like our cuisine. Special dishes of sago. But everyday they just baked fish or animal flesh Ravine.

In the life of the Asmat, the usual rock we see in the streets was very valuable to them. In fact, the stones can be used as a dowry. All this is that housing is to create an Asmat swamp which is very difficult to find the street stones which is very useful for them to make an axe, hammer, etc.
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