Cause Eye Damage


Eyes are organs of vision that detect light. What is the simplest eye is nothing more than to find out whether the surrounding environment is bright or dark. More complex eyes are used to provide a visual understanding.

Eyes is a tool to see the senses. The eyes can capture the light to produce an image that are then translated by the brain. The eyes have a lens that serves to regulate the focus of the light coming from the object shadow falls right in the retina. The thickness of each change of lens to adjust the focus according to the distance of the object being viewed.

Thick-thin lens is operated by eye muscles. If these muscles are reduced, the eyepiece will thin out, and vice versa. Eye muscles may be weakened by aging or misread. If eye muscles are not working properly, shadow objects do not fall precisely on the retina of the eye, and you also need help with glass lenses.
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