Eight Facts about Smoking


To be able to quit smoking should start with changing the attitude and mindset about smoking. Cigarettes are addictive or opium. And addiction is always associated with rejection. We often use denial when faced with a choice to stop smoking. There is only an excuse to continue smoking. Maybe after knowing the facts you can start to stop from now.

First Facts
Evidence shows that smoking can cause air pollution, global warming, poisoning, asthma and sudden infant death syndrome. You are not alone on this planet and your hobby is not only dangerous for you, but also those around you.

Second Facts
The effect is less significant. Every time you smoke in the car and then they also go "smoke" with you.

Third Facts
Tobacco smoking is addictive, not a bad habit

Four Facts
If you smoke than look cool, but stupid. Just imagine, you choose to do activities that remove costs and endanger health. And your intelligence is questionable.

Five Facts
Nikotine more dangerous than cocaine, heroin or alcohol, if you look at the level of dependency. In addition, smoking is one of the local ingredients that are readily available anywhere, anytime. Dependence on tobacco more negative effect than heroin.

Six Facts
Occasional smoking can also make you addicted to tobacco. If you love your friends, do not endanger their lives.

Seven Facts
The longer you stay with a cigarette, the harder you are different from the net.

Eight Facts
Not everyone can successfully quit smoking in the first experiment. Facts show that most ex-smokers had previously tried several attempts to quit smoking until they finally succeed. Try to keep!

Remember that smoking can kill you. I hope you will be able to choose the best solution for future life.
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