Fifteen Mini Facts in Science


Did you know that the hair of the polar bear is transparent, not white?

1. Rain water is not the same as the form of tears. Rainwater circular shape.
2. Solid, is sublimated instantly turn into gas, you don't have to be fluid.
3. Gorillas sleep in beds of rods and leaves. Men usually sleep on the ground, while women sleep in a nest in a tree.
4. Champagne not whistling, it contains carbon dioxide. The powder is heated. Evidence, when Champagne is poured into a glass clean molecules of dust, there would be no whistle.
5. Most of the digestive process does not occur the stomach, but in the small intestine.
6. Red liquid coming out of the rare meat fillet medium is not blood, but the Myoglobin, "Cousin" of the blood in the muscle fibers.
7. Shopping bags of paper and plastic are equally bad impact on the environment. It's hard to describe the plastic bag, while paper bags take more energy to produce.
8. Polar bear fur is transparent rather than white. Their skin is not white, but black. When in warm and humid environment, their colour can be green moss.
9. Allergies to animals are usually not caused by the fur, but by dead skin, saliva, or feces.
10. Mapping of the tongue that determines the specific part for a certain flavor that is not true. All the flavor can be felt by all sections of the tongue.
11. Not sound heard when a shell sea shells closer to the ear. That's the sound of blood flow within the vessel itself.
12. When you live, pink brain. When you die, the brain changes of gray.
13. Mercury is not the only liquid metal. Gallium (Ga) solid at room temperature, but it melts when it is placed in the hands. Caesium (Cs), and Francium (Fr) can also melt on the ambient temperature.

 14. Dolphins do not drink seawater. They get the liquid out of food they consume. Drinking sea water could make them sick and even die.

15. The Soviet Union was the first country to successfully land the plane on the moon. In 1959, Luna 2 successfully landed on the moon. In 1966, Luna 9 also landed there. Four months later, the United States has landed their planes, Surveyors I.

It's a fact a mini 15 in the field of science. Whether you believe or not? That depends on your thinking. But believe it?
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