Five Abnormalities in The Skin Resulting from The Use of Cosmetics


Any material that is placed on the skin may cause skin disorders. The materials which can be a skin disorder called dermatitis in the first application, while the materials that may cause abnormalities in the repeated use is called a sensitizer.

The intolerance to the expression is used when users complain of feeling less comfortable cosmetics such as dizziness or nausea after using certain cosmetic products are not found in disorders of the skin.

Although commonly used in skin cosmetics, but also possible side effects on other areas, for example:
- Irritating to eyes-to-use shampoo and eye makeup.
- Breathing problems when using the hair sprai.
- Long-term toxic effects such as blood and anomalies of organs, although it is difficult to prove but worth attention.

Forms of disorders of the skin resulting from the use of cosmetics among others:
1. Irritation reaction.
This reaction can be caused by cosmetics that contain acids or bases. In the general disorder and can strictly limited eritematodeskuamasi until vesikobulosa. Examples are tioglikolat with pH 12.5 contained in hair thresher.

2. Allergic reaction.
This reaction is generally in the form eksematosa dermatitis. Abnormalities that occur are not always on the location of cosmetic applications, as seen in the eyelid dermatitis is more frequently caused by cosmetics, hair, face or nails rather than because of his own eye makeup.

3. Photosensitivity reaction.

This reaction occurs because the application of cosmetics containing fotosensibilizante and exposed to light. The disorder may be eksematosa erythematous or hyperpigmentation is usually caused by perfume. The photos can be toxic or allergic photos.

4. Abnormalities of pigmentation.

A form of skin pigmentation disorder known as pigmented cosmetic dermatitis, this disorder is actually the result of allergic contact dermatitis or allergic photos as perfume or dyes contained in cosmetics. Skin manifestations in the form of a patch / spread / reticular brown, sometimes black or dark blue.

5. Acne.

The lesions are found mainly in the form of blackheads on adult women who primarily due to cosmetic face cream. Material is komedogenik include lanolin, petrolatum, butyl stearate, lauryl alcohol, oleic acid and dye D & C Red-eye found in rouge.
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