The girl is not Brush Teeth For 10 Years


For most people, brushing teeth is the usual routine every day. In fact, ideally, and according to suggestions Indonesian Dentists Association, human teeth cleaned or brushed at least twice a day, ie before and after sleep.

It has become commonplace if these routines become tradition for most people who live on Earth. However, not for Ji Hyun Ji. This Korean-blooded girl pleaded not brush his teeth in the last decade.

"I do not understand why people should brush their teeth, because not everyone will see the contents of your mouth," said Ji Hyun Ji, quoted VIVAnews from the Straits Times, Sunday, April 10, 2011.

"Piles of leftover food in the mouth just to protect my teeth," said a call girl known as 'Cutey Yellowish'.

Indeed, sometimes the quirks of someone could surprise many people. Ji Hyun Ji one of them. Habit that contrary to many people make her the subject.

The news pushed Martian Virus, one of the TV program in Korea, memboyongnya to the studio. Regular TV programs broadcast by TVN is indeed often bring in people who have a habit or a strange and unique characteristics, but the person would be proud.

In the event, Ji Hyun Ji will be introduced as a beautiful girl but has a habit that is not as beautiful as the outside. He has admitted that the last time he was brushing teeth was 10 years ago, at which time his mother who rubs her teeth.

Although Ji has forgotten how to brush your teeth, the program will try to persuade Ji to want to do it again. As stated by Martian Virus producer, Lee Geun Chan. During this time, Ji Hyun Ji just want to clean the front teeth only. It was only in certain times.

Sources : VIVAnews
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