Managing Body Language during Job Interviews


Generally a new employee interviews rarely last more than 1.5 hours. But that's where the primary key for you to show them that you are looking for. This is where body language which includes postures and movements will be very decisive. Assessors will first consider your body language, in addition to references, knowledge or experience.

The practice of one week prior to the interview. Sit in a chair with a straight calm, which show no anxiety for a few moments. A simple trick to control the movement of the hands, without conscience is the use of a heavy bracelet, so when his hand is moving, then wakes up spontaneously, and return safely. The purpose of this exercise is that the situation could remain sitting in silence. If you want to use new clothes, try of the first two or three times, very comfortable and not clumsy in the interview.


When the interviewer will go hand in hand, they do not hold too tight or too soft. Use a strong feeling to balance the strength of his hand grip. People mengidentikan of the normal and not normal limits with herself. To trap the interviewer hands unless you impress even the person as normal as it is. The situation is more and more sense of compact and friendship. It is not arrogance or weakness.

Create the hand talk, not shout, put your hands in your lap with the fingers pinched together. This is to avoid pressing the finger, scratching, rubbing, without us knowing it. Comes with the impression that you are able to control himself and not threatened. Precepts: do not appoint or pointing at the interviewer. Scratching on the face indicates that you are not sure, or even lie. Do not touch your hair too often because it creates the impression that you lack confidence.

Avoid sitting cross-legged. In addition, whereby a leg on the other leg, because it will impress install limit or defensiveness.
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