Three Ways of Knowing the Authenticity of Crop Circles


Occurrences Crop Circles on surprising people all over the world. According to Beta-UFO, UFO-related agencies in Indonesia, here are some ways you can do to determine the authenticity of crop circles.

1. Electromagnetic Field.
Usually will appear static electromagnetic field around the location of the emergence of Crop Circle. This effect will occur when turning the phone in the area, then the signal will be lost. However, when moving away, the signal will come back again. In addition, the electromagnetic also affect animals, cats and dogs for example. They usually will feel fear when in a location like this.

2. Radiation Levels.
Radiation levels can be measured. In many cases in the UK Crop Circle radiation levels are usually at the location of Crop Circle will be higher than the other.

3. Structure of the ruins of rice/wheat/corn.
You can see in the structure of plant remains, usually in the circle of native crops only to close bending (folding) as it heats up suddenly and then they freeze again. According to the Director of the Beta-UFO (Bayu Amus) sometimes on plant genetic mutations will occur but it is difficult to see.

Simply, people can try the disk drive in its original location. "you may not have the same pattern as with only set foot on it", He explained.

According to him, if it is man made Crop Circle, then head straight trampled human plants that normally go into the field of mud. As is known, today Beta-UFO research there and the results will be known tomorrow.

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