Unemployed Men Faster Death Risk


According to research conducted by Eran Shor, a professor of sociology from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, the unemployment increase the risk of premature death to 63 percent. This conclusion was drawn after a survey of 20 million people in 15 countries, mostly western countries, during the last 40 years.

Interestingly, although in some countries health systems are better and contribute to low levels of mortality, the correlation between unemployment and a high risk of death occurs in all countries surveyed. This research aims to find out yourself whether there is a causal relationship between unemployment and mortality risk.

"Until now, one big question is about existing health conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, or bad behavior such as consumption of cigarettes, liquor, or drugs leads to unemployment and a greater risk of death," said Shor, as quoted from MedIndia, 7 April 2011.

Interestingly, Shor said, the study found that existing medical conditions (prior to the survey) had no effect. This indicates that the relationship of unemployment and the death of a causal relationship.

"Possibly, the unemployed have higher stress levels and affect one's socioeconomic status," says Shor. "This lead to a health condition has deteriorated and the mortality rate is higher," he said.

From the research also found that the effect of unemployment on the level of risk of mortality and death rates higher in men than women. The figure reached 78 percent in men and only 37 percent in women. Mortality risk is quite high, especially for those aged under 50 years old.

Sources : VIVAnews
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