The World's Sexiest Grandma


Amparo Grisales. Grandma Aged 54 Years 25 Years But Still as beautiful - The majority of women who have entered the age of 50 can not hide the wrinkles in some parts of his body. But, it would seem invisible on self Amparo Grisales. Women are nearly 54-year-old still look beautiful, sexy, and energetic, like 25-year-old girl.

Amparo Grisales is an actress and model who is active in the acting world for decades. Born 19 September 1956 in Bogota, Colombia, Grisales has started a career as a model at the age of five years. his career began to climb at the age of 13, when joined with a few soap opera roles.

Some of his awards have been obtained Amparo Grisales when played in a variety of mini-series in Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, France, and South Africa.

Although age has entered a half-century, but Amparo Grisales still exist on the world stage entertainment. Grisales career of the most prominent is when acting as En Cuerpo AJeno in serial Telmundo Madre Luna in 2007 ago.

Until now one of the characters are attached to the figure of Amparo Grisales is himself touted as the sexiest woman to woman with her age. In fact, as the most appropriate match worn Amparo Grisales is "grandmother half-century" world's sexiest.
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