Pendet classified types of dance guardian, namely Balinese dances are staged specifically for the purpose of religious ritual. This dance was created by dance artist, I Nyoman Kaler, in the 1970s. This dance tells the story of the decline of gods heaven to earth. Although this dance including dance kind guardian, unlike other ceremonial dances.

Other ceremonial dances usually require specialized and trained dancers, while Pendet can be done by anyone. Both are already trained and which is still common and can be done by all gender. Basically, in Pendet, young girls just follow the movements of senior female dancer in front of him who understands the responsibility in providing a good example.

Worship Dance

Initially, Pendet a worship dance that much done in the temple. This dance describes the welcome and the offering of the decline to the nature deities Marcapada. Slowly, over the development period, the artists change Pendet Balinese dance into dance "welcome".

Pendet as a welcome dance performed while sprinkling flowers in front of the guests who came, like a dance of aloha in Hawaii. However, it does not mean losing Pendet kesakralannya value. Pendet still has a sacred and religious values ​​by including religious values ​​are strong.

Sacred Pendet

Generally, Pendet done in groups or pairs. Pendet more dynamic than rejang dance. Pendet rejang displayed after the dance in the courtyard of temples and generally facing toward the sacred (pelinggih). Pendet dancers dressed like the dancers other sacred religious ceremonies, the wearing ceremonial garments, each dancer brings offerings offerings, such as sangku (holy water vessel), jars, bowls, and others.

Hindu Dance

Since long, Pendet an integral part of religious life of the Hindu community in Bali. This dance is a dance performed by a group of young women. Each dancer brings a silver bowl (bowl) is filled with flowers. At the end of the dance, the dancers will sow the flowers into the audience as a welcome greeting. Usually, this dance show to greet the guests or start a performance.

Creator Pendet

Creator or choreographer of modern Pendet is I Wayan Rindi. She is a dancer who was known as the aspirant and observers of the art of dance that has the ability to compose and preserve the art of dance through learning on future generations. During his life, he actively teach and preserve the diverse dances of Bali, including Pendet to the family or outside the family.

Had Claimed Malaysia

Pendet welcome the sacred Pendet modified from time claimed by neighboring countries, Malaysia, as part of its culture. This incident could heat up the allied relationship this country. Pendet recognition by Malaysia is no impact of intellectual property rights from the Indonesian government.

Historically, Pendet rooted in Balinese culture. Pendet is one of the oldest dances in between dances on the Island of the Gods. For that, it needs the attention of governments and people of Indonesia for more attention to and preserve the culture in Indonesia. This aims to prevent the recognition of Indonesian culture by other countries.
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