Pop Art


For lovers of the world of graphic design would be familiar with Design Pop Art. Design which was born in the 1950s is still in admire lovers graphic design today. A lot of live music events on television today use a touch of Pop art to accessories or decorations stage or another.

Pop art is a graphic art that combines pictures and bold colors game sometimes accompanied by the use of symbols in the symbol as a feature of the maker. Pop art design is also famous for its use of large text with a bold stroke or outline.

Pop Art himself was born in England and America in the 1950s who popularized by Lawrence Alloway in a curator from the British critic. Pop art name itself comes from the word Popular Mas Cultur but people are more familiar with the term Pop Art.

At first, Pop art is a form of reaction from the development of abstract art or Expresionisme at the time. By taking the typical design of advertisements and comics.
One early form of Pop art design is the work of Richard Hamilton, John McHale and John Voeckler in 1956, entitled "Just What is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing? The work of merging pieces of pictures from various sources.

Along with the development of the era of pop art design not only showcased in the print media, screen printing t-shirts, motorcycle accessories, but also used to enhance your home, to the outside or inside. maybe you've seen houses with lots of bold color, sofa or chair model is unique, this is a development of Pop art world of design.

For a program that is in use you can use a graphics program bleak Corel Draw, Photoshop or other graphics programs. How you're interested in learning more deeply or pop art designs of this? Please search for references on the Internet or magazines graphic design magazine.
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