Ever see a tango dance in pairs? Very passionate and compact, is not it? This dance is synonymous with romance and passion for the people who run it. In addition to a very dynamic movement, tango is also very stomping dance floor. This is why tango became one of the most popular foreign art in Indonesia.

History of Tango, Dance South America

Exotic dance is native to South America. But the movement was inspired by a dance performed by the Spanish and part African.

In ancient times, the African working class often perform a similar dance tango in Buenos Aiers slum. In fact, once regarded as a dance this dance for the poor black workers. But the story was changed, when an Argentine dance in France.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the tango dancers move to Europe. They first danced the tango in France. Due to the strong appeal, tango dance epidemic spread to various places such as London and Berlin. Finally in 1913, the tango into the land of Uncle Sam.

Because of its popularity, tango becomes a separate character for the country of Argentina. Even in the leadership of Juan Peron, in the 1930s, tango campaigned as a national identity. In addition to being a fashion movement, tango became the pride of the people of Argentina. In 2009, UNESCO named Tango as a cultural heritage.

Tango and Popular Culture
Because it has become a popular dance, tango to get his own place in pop culture. Tango is a style of life and show that imaged sexy and elegant. In fact, there are some movies that include scenes of dancing tango in it.

Name the movie Evita, Shall We Dance, Frida, Moulin Rouge and many other Hollywood films that include scenes of dancing tango. Famous actors and actresses like Jessica Beil, Erwan McGregor, Madonna, Antonio Banderas, and Salma Hayek are the celebrities who dance the tango in the film they starred.

Because I had become part of pop culture, tango dancers not only belongs. Many ordinary people who learn this dance. Classes are taught dance tango in various places in the world. In fact, in Indonesia there are many who teach this dance. In some places, aerobics, dance tango became one of favorite movements.

Tango Therapy

Because it has a very dynamic movement, tango is considered as a dance that can make the body more healthy. In fact, research conducted by scientists from the University of Washington, said that the tango can help improve the balance of Parkinson's sufferers.

With dancing tango, the motor nerve disorder patients is made more dynamic. Look at how the movements in this dance. In fact, the researchers would recommend to include tango into alternative medicine.

So, this dance is full of mystery, passion and hope. Tango no longer a work of art to be displayed. It was turned into a lifestyle and imaging.
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