How to Streamline Body???


There are many ways to lose weight, ranging from the various methods of diet, exercise, liposuction surgery, acupuncture, to take medicine slimming. Which is safe and effective?

Referring to the UN health agency, WHO, noted that a good weight loss can not be done instantly, but it is a long-term therapy. All it takes to lose weight rather than reduce the size of the meal, but also needed guidance from a nutritionist before making dietary changes, along with physical activity and behavioral therapy.

To find out how slimming where a healthy, safe, and effective, please read the following descriptions to complete.

How to get rid of fat that is now the trend is liposuction surgery and tummy-tuck. This operation was chosen because of weight loss can be decreased drastically without the need to tired to exercise and dieting, it is proved by the testimony of a famous artist. But why do so even though the fat is removed, his body is still too stretchy?

Basically, liposuction is surgery to remove fat under the skin, and made ​​to achieve harmony of body, not to lose weight. While tummy-tuck is the removal of excess fatty tissue and overlying skin to form a more aesthetic body. Fat should not be reduced any more than 3-5 kg ​​once operations

According to nutrition specialist, dr.Johanes Chandrawinata, MND, SpGK, both types of surgery are commonly performed on patients who have a doctor's body sagged after her body weight decreased. So, to lose weight first before surgery, not surgery to lose weight because after 3 months the body will be fat again.

Gastric bindings & gastric by-pass
This action is selected if any slimming method did not work. Gastric bindings is the installation tool "binder stomach" which causes a smaller stomach pouch so that we will not eat too much because your body feel full faster. Through this act of weight loss can be reduced 35-60 percent in 12 months.

Unlike the gastric binding temporary, gastric by-pass is permanent, the physician will make a 'road' liaison between the base of the stomach with the small intestine so that food through the stomach but not directly into the small intestine. With gastric bypass, weight loss can be reduced to 80 percent. To perform these two types of action, patients should be aged over 35 years.

Until now akunpuntur method has not been scientifically proven to lose weight. Generally, the patients had stopped in the middle of the road because never get the ideal weight expected.

Drugs and supplements slimming
Prior to believe by the lure of advertising, you should first carefully the content of drugs and supplements. Drug control agency and the U.S. Food Administration (FDA) even forbade the consumption of slimming supplements containing ephedrine content akftif E.sinica or because it has side effects of psychiatric symptoms, interfere with the digestive tract and makes the heart pounding.

Although states could reduce levels of fat, not a slimming drug that is only capable of reducing body weight of 1.2 kg for 6-14 weeks, equivalent to redah calorie diet for 1250/hari at 0.5-week period without any medication.

Popular Diets
Popular diets often referred to as "Fad Diets", has a characteristic, among others; promising rapid weight loss, can cure various illnesses, encourage the use of supplements, eating on time, limit or prohibit certain foods and only for a period of view.

Which can be classified into fad diets such as low-carb diet, food combining, diet based on blood type, mayo clinic diet. Since the number of prohibitions to eat certain foods, usually the body's nutritional needs are not met because of lack of vitamins, iron, and fiber.

In terms of nutrition, all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are encouraged to eat foods that vary in the amount of balance, because the body needs various nutrients as well.

Lose weight in a healthy
Although no definitive answer where the most appropriate diet to lose weight, but dr. John recommends dietary patterns conducted by the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) in the U.S.. NWCR is a data set of people (there are 4000 people) who have lost weight over 13 kg and survive for over 5 years.

Characteristic diet is low in fat (24 percent of calorie intake), intake of high carbohydrate, low-calorie (1300-1500 kcal / day). Because we can not know how many calories are contained in food, dr.Johanes suggested to reduce the intake is smaller than normal portions.

"To reduce 500 calories per day is easy anyway, as if eating gado-gado, peanut sauce and reduce kerupuknya, prefer white rice instead of fried rice, and so on", the suggestion that doctors who practice in hospitals. St.Boromeus, Bandung.

Described by dr.Johanes, the majority of members enrolled in the NWCR do eat breakfast regularly, monitor their own weight and exercising regularly. With low-fat diet low in calories such as these have proven to reduce weight more than 13 kg and can be maintained over 5 years.
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