What does it mean that honest?


Honest is a word that has been known by almost everyone. For those who already know the word honest was probably already know what the meaning or meanings of the word honest. But still many do not know at all and there is also only know its meaning is vague. Here I will try to give my neighbor capable of understanding the extent the meaning of the word is honest.

Honest word is a word used to express one's attitude. When one is dealing with a person or a phenomenon then it will get a picture of something or phenomenon. If someone is telling the information about that picture to others without any "change" (in accordance with reality), then the attitude like that is what is called honest.

Something or the phenomenon of course facing what is in ourselves or outside of ourselves sendri. For example, a state or condition of the body, work that has been or is being, and that will be done. Something can also be observed on the object, the nature of the object or shape or model. The observed phenomenon may be in the form of an event, good relations with other things. In simple terms we can say what is and what is happening.

There should also note that there is also someone to provide news or information prior to the occurrence of events or phenomena. For example, someone says he will attend the meeting in a building next month. If indeed he was present at the time and place that was in her to convey that the person is being honest. In other words honest also related to the appointment. Here honest means to match or adjust the expression (information) filed with the realization (the phenomenon).

Perhaps we never saw or noticed Tailor work. He worked on the basis of a working guideline. In the employment guidelines (written or not) there is provision of a ratio of 3: 5. But in the implementation of the work does not follow Tailor comparative figures, he made another comparison that is 3: 6, this event clearly shows the Worker did not follow the existing provisions in the guidelines. Thus, it means the Worker was not being honest. In this case the Worker did not try to adapt existing information with the phenomenon (action implemented).

Honesty is also concerned with recognition. In this case we take the example, the Europeans make a statement or convey information, that the very first person who reached the Americas is Cristofer Columbus. Yet according to a growing history, before Columbus landed in the Americas have to get there Lakshmana fleet ho Cheng. Which means what, no recognition. In this case we also see the compatibility issue between phenomena (reality) with the information submitted.

So from the above description can be taken such a formulation, that the so-called honest is an attitude that is always trying to adjust or match between the information with the phenomenon. In Islam the attitude like this is called Siddiq. So honestly it is worth infinity.
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