Benefits of Water for Health


Water is an essential element for human life and all living creatures on planet Earth. So what are the benefits of water is mainly for our health?
  1. In order to maintain body fluid balance. With the water content in the body to reach 60%, its function is very important in the process of digestion, food absorption, circulation, produce saliva, body nutrient transport, and maintain body temperature. If lack of water, the thirst not only of the mouth, but the brain. Water intake to the body can be obtained from water, juice, milk, tea and coffee. In this case alcoholic drinks do not count because it causes dehydration of the body.
  2. To increase muscle energy. If muscle pain and fatigue is a sign of body fluid balance. Therefore, drink plenty of water before and during exercise is recommended to replace fluids lost due to perspiration.
  3. To control calories. In recent years participants drank diet drinks plenty of water non calories as a way to lose weight. Foods that contain lots of water often tends to be chewed and absorbed slowly. This creates a sense of satiety. Foods that include fruits, vegetables, soups, oats, and nuts.
  4. The kidneys will function normally if the water balance in the body awake. The main garbage in the body is urea nitrogen, which dissolves in water, then filtered by the kidneys and excreted through urine. The kidneys work very well if supported body fluid balance. Body of water sufficient to produce light-colored urine, no odor, and flow smoothly.
  5. Body fluids are balanced to maintain the function of the digestive tract. Because the intestine is very free to grind food and absorb the juice. If less water, large intestine reabsorb fluid from the dirt. This is the cause of constipation and hard bowel movement, because it is too dry after the water is sucked back by the body. So should drink fresh water, or you let the large intestine extract excess water from the feces of candidates.
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