Chocolate is Not Dangerous


Chocolate is not a major cause of damage to the teeth or can be called caries. Damage to the teeth is generally caused by the remnants of food that is not cleaned. When the children accustomed to brushing your teeth after eating chocolate, undoubtedly damaged teeth can be avoided. Moreover, such good quality chocolate couverture (pure chocolate), able to melt in a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. The most important thing here is to maintain healthy teeth and mouth as often as possible or made ​​routine, such as brushing our teeth before bed and cleaning our mouth from the remnants of food that might still stick to our teeth. Because some cases of dental caries caused by our own instead of lazily brushing your teeth.

Often the question arises how much we should consume chocolate? There are no definitive recommendations for this nutrient, however, 2-3 times a week eating chocolate or drinking chocolate milk every day would still be acceptable. Principles of nutrition that is actually easy to eat all kinds of food are moderate. Nutritional problems generally arise when we eat too much or too little. Related to the problem of brown teeth only dangerous if we make the chocolate was dangerous, with a sense that we are lazy to clean up the remnants of chocolate or food stuck in between teeth. Therefore keep your oral health. For the days of our parents are not difficult to eat foods that take time to chew. Hopefully useful.
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