Acne Laser Treatments


Acne can be a nightmare of a teenager: to hide difficult to treat, in time, and never really recovered. Worse still, but adults are also subject to his appearance. Acne can have more than its fair share of shame and stress in your life, but modern laser treatments with the disease can easily and more completely than was previously possible to help overcome. Different types of laser removal of acne is, and almost all are cheaper than creams or antibiotics.

Acne laser treatment (LAT) uses a single wavelength of light, the more the deeper layers of the skin. There are two basic types. The former are ablative laser treatment, or remove dead cells from the outer layer of skin. This opens the pores and stimulates collagen production, circulation, tones the skin and minimizes scarring increases. The second type is non-ablative lasers to stimulate collagen sensitization and caused complete the "valleys" of acne scars. This destroys much of Propionibacterium acne (or "P. acne") is a bacterium that causes the formation of acne. Since the laser affects the deepest layers of the skin, LAT usually requires several treatments and falling superficial layers of the skin, before the results are visible.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) differs from LAT, he uses different wavelengths of light at all levels of the skin is touched at a time. The IPL can simultaneously the three phases of acne: Inflammation is present by encouraging the growth of collagen, only destroy the scar of a previous inflammation, bacteria that would otherwise lead to inflammation of the future. IPL may cause slight discomfort or pain, depending on the sensitivity of the patient, but such cases are rare.

Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) light therapy or light blue / red are gentle and painless. The blue light kills the bacteria P. acne, while the red light stimulates collagen growth. Because of its low intensity, LED treatments should be more regularly than other types are planned. However, see the skin also helps to grow faster by 200%, and may also help to remove wrinkles of the skin and the sun.

Of course, other methods of acne treatment with laser treatment, although they understand their own significant drawbacks. Chemical peels can cause blisters, scarring and even infection. Steroid injections can also flatten the areas of severe inflammation, but the result of atrophy and decreased blood flow to the best temporary measures. Antibiotics often have a long list of major side effects like liver damage, depression and birth defects as well. Prescription creams are now being repeated so often that the service can be very time consuming.

Laser treatments, on the other hand, are quick procedures that the effect lasts up to two years. And the process is non-invasive and causes no significant side effects and very little pain. Although it can be expensive, the acne laser removal was more than offset the savings in time and avoid stress. Consult with certified professionals in your local spa laser, help you find the best way to keep your acne is, in the developing countries into another nightmare.
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