Hiding, Cleaning and Correction - The Trifecta of Acne


Acne is considered the dilemma of adolescence, but it is in many cases the young people are not the only people who suffer greatly from this state. Clogged pores, blackheads, pimples cause cysts arise at any age, but because the hormonal surges more sebum cause (oil for the body itself), production workers will usually see the acne has been in the increased times of hormonal (puberty, before menopause).

Why so different?

The differences in the acne appears, the path clogged pores for a response. Those that remain open on the surface appear dark (black dots), while the whites are caused by the closure of the poor. Reach the keys, the result of excess oil, bacteria and the results of the inflammation associated with pimples. If the inflammation goes down into the skin, acne cyst. These can cause much inconvenience for patients and often lead to permanent scarring.

The Therapeutic Success

Many people have in trying to study to find a cure for acne, and are distinguished by their efforts, which is by the state to control it more easily affected. Two ingredients salicylic acid and benzoyl, which are found in many over-the-counter treatments are very effective in patients with mild acne. More severe cases may require medical treatment. Dermatologists are able to help in difficult cases and there are even laser treatments and the light, which reduces flare and repair damaged skin.

Home Care

If you have acne, there are several ways you can reduce the number of households and the status of your own home can can. Avoid astringents can scrub, mask and toner to tighten the affected skin. Products for your oily hair flowing to the skin, clog pores and increase the growth of bacteria. The same applies to oil skin care products.

Popping or squeezing the acne is not wise, either. While falsely to take the right steps in order, the result can be prolonged healing, and at worst epidemics in the future. It can also lead to severe anxiety, sustainable transport policy. Tanning and sun exposure are harmful to the skin and worse for those who use retinoids, because these drugs cause an increased sensitivity to UV.

Skin Cleansing

As already mentioned, the cleaning of the skin with acne can not be performed with scrub rough surfaces. Instead, use your fingers, warm water and mild soap to reduce skin irritation. Limit washing twice a day if you sweat. Do not rub the skin with your fingers. Apply the soap and rinse slowly in the same way.
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