How Acne Can be Treated Naturally


Buttons usually affect the teenagers, but they are not often in adults. You can have many causes, and they can appear on different parts of the body, not only at first glance. Depending on what caused that look different. Sometimes can be painful and in most cases they have a devastating effect on the individual self-esteem. There are a variety of home remedies for pimples and simple ingredients that you may have at home can do wonders. All you have to do is to find the best for you to practice and be persistent in their use.

Are applied by various combinations of ingredients to the affected areas as a home remedy best known for the buttons. Honey has a very good result and you can mix it with a little cinnamon powder and apply on your face. If possible, keep it overnight and rinse in the morning only. If you can not sleep with him, hold, as you can. Other home remedies for pimples are tomato juice or papaya juice. Depending on what you bring into the house to keep some fresh juice and on the skin for about an hour. Clean your face thoroughly, and that should be useful in preventing the swelling buds. Grated potatoes are as effective as if it white or black spots that bothers you. If you are not bothered by the smell of garlic, rub the affected areas with fresh garlic at least once per day. If you manage this on a regular basis, the keys are gone, no marks on the skin.

One of the most effective home remedy for pimples is the lime juice. Mix it with rose water or milk in front of the face, but it is best to test, then a small area of ​​skin because it could not be useful for people sensitive skin. Just keep this mixture for 30 minutes, then remove it with warm water.

Other home remedies for pimples include :
  • Orange peel mixed with water until it makes a paste.
  • Cinnamon powder mixed with lemon juice.
  • Mint juice applied regularly every evening.
  • Ground sesame seeds with water to a paste are mixed.
  • Blended cucumber kept on the skin for half an hour (this prevents pimples to appear).

If you are looking for a home remedy for pimples few nights, try a small amount of toothpaste on a pimple, just published. It should dry in the morning, of course, but do not irritate the first trial that it means the skin.
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