Kim Kardashian is a Spokesperson (Again) for a Public Health Issue...Will the Public Buy In This Time?

This afternoon I saw a tweet from Kim Kardashian that read "Recognizing Ovarian Cancer is the 1st step in fighting Ovarian Cancer- please watch and share this video". So my first thought was- "I wonder if this campaign will be more successful than her last?" As you may remember, in December 2010 I blogged about Kim and other celebrities that staged their digital deaths in order to raise money for World AIDS Day. In addition to my concerns about the campaign's design (which included a less than clear cue to action for the audience), its "success" was also questionable because it ended up taking much longer than intended to reach their 1 million dollar goal. So I was quite intrigued to view Kim's newest PSA on YouTube.

The event called "Super Saturday Live" is a collaboration between QVC and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF). On Saturday, July 30, 2011- designer clothes sold on QVC will be 50% off and the net proceeds will be given to OCRF. The PSA informs the audience that this money is necessary because there is currently no good early detection test for ovarian cancer.

I was pleasantly surprised by the PSA. It didn't feel too long (94 seconds). It kept my interest with minimal and appropriate statistics. For example, instead of scaring the audience, the music was upbeat and focused on the positive- a 92% 5-year survival rate when the cancer is detected early. The PSA also had information presented through both audio and visual channels. Finally (and most importantly)- as an audience member, I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. The cue to action was clear. I was to share the video- "like" it, post it, forward it. And finally, I should tweet about #supersaturday. This way the "trend" can get ahead of ovarian cancer.

In addition to the look and feel of the PSA, I think it is important to discuss the strength and popularity of the chosen spokesperson. Just as I mentioned in December, Kim Kardashian is an obvious choice if you are looking for a huge reach. As of tonight, she had 8,380,553 followers on twitter. The PSA already had 5,965 views on YouTube. However, I have my concerns about her genuine interest in this public health issue. Does she have a personal connection or does she just jump on the bandwagon (like in December) for any way to promote her "brand"? I ask because I have concerns due to how she behaves on her E! show- Keeping Up with the Kardashians. For example, just a few weeks ago on the show, Kim had her butt x-rayed to "prove to the media" that it was real (without butt implants). I watched this episode while on the elliptical machine at the gym and felt enraged. First of all, what type of terrible physician allows his time and resources to be taken up with such nonsense? Also, what type of terrible physician agrees to expose Kim, his patient, to needless radiation to help her prove this point? And how much extra time does she (and her sisters) have on their hands to participate in this silly trip to the doctor? If I were the Executive Director of OCRF, even with her extensive popularity, I doubt that I would choose her for a spokesperson.

So let's all check out Twitter on Saturday, July 30th...let's see if #supersaturday is trending and if Kim's "quantity" of followers can help balance out her sometimes lack of "quality" as a spokesperson.
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