10 Biggest Massacre Man In History

Human history is a unique blend of success and failure, victory and defeat, love and war.

The massacre was one incident that has caused the death of many innocent people and the people who started the massacre in order to satisfy their thirst for revenge and for the human ego.

Throughout history a great variety of massacre events large and small, that has changed the world, and here are the massacre at plus 10 in human history.

1. Nankin Massacre 
Nanking Massacre, also known as the Rape of Nanking where hundreds of thousands of civilians were murdered and brutally raped in the city of Nanking, which is the former capital of the Republic of China.
The massacre lasted for six weeks in which the soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army entered the city of Nanking and began to kill the Chinese people.
Nanking Massacre is considered as the worst massacre in human history because more than 80 thousand men and women were killed, tortured and raped in a period of six weeks.

2. Babi Yar Massacre 
Babi Yar massacre occurred in 1941 when more than 33 thousand Jews were killed in a single operation led by the military governor, Major-General Friedrich Eberhardt, Police Commander of the Army Group South Friedrich Jeckeln and C Commander Otto Rasch. 

The operation was carried out by the joint forces such as the SS, SD and SiPo. Babi Yar is a ravine outside Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. 

3. Day Massacre St. Bartholomew 
Also popularly known as the Massacre de la Saint-Barthelemy, this event occurred in 1572 in Paris. The massacre began two days after the attempted assassination of Admiral Gaspard de Coligny, a Huguenot military and political leaders. 

Soon afterwards a group of killers along with the Roman Catholic mass start killing people all over Paris and the massacre spread to other urban and rural areas as well. It is estimated that around 30 thousand people were killed in this massacre. 

4. NKVD prisoner massacres 
NKVD prisoner massacres also known as the massacre of prisoners in which a series of mass executions of prisoners NKVD carried out in Poland and other Baltic countries such as Romania and Ukraine. 

The death toll from the massacre was estimated about 22,000 prisoners were killed in a series of murders that occurred in different places. 

However, not all prisoners NKVD killed and executed because some of them managed to escape from prison. 

5. Katyn Massacre 
Katyn massacre, also known as the Katyn Forest Massacre is an event where thousands of Polish prisoners of war, military officers, intellectuals, and police were massacred by the Soviet NKVD. 

The victims were taken to the Katyn Forest in Russia where Stalin ordered his troops to execute all the prisoners of war directly. The death toll from the massacre of Katyn also reached around 21 thousand. 

6. Massacre of Thessalonica 
The massacre at Thessalonica occur in a retaliatory action by the Roman Emperor Theodosius in 390. 

According to sources, in April 390, the driver who was arrested by the Roman military commander, but later he became the victim of an angry revolt against the Roman Emperor and he decided to kill all those who rebelled against the command.And more than 7000 people have been slaughtered. 

7. Elphinstone Army Massacre 
Victims of Massacre of Elphinstone Army is very much like a war where Afghan forces to take over the combined British and Indian troops led by Major General William Elphinstone in 1842. 

Three years before this incident, British troops in Kabul arrested for revenge on the Afghan forces. 

However, when the British left Kabul, Afghan forces led by Akbar Khan, son of Dost Muhammad Khan attacked the British army. As a result, 4500 Afghan soldiers were killed and were killed by British soldiers and Indians. 

8. Sabra and Shatila massacre 
In 1982, Kataeb Party, led by Lebanese Christian forces committed genocide in which they killed and massacred Palestinian civilians and Muslim Lebanese. 

Massacre triggered immediately after the murder of Phalangist leader and President Bachir Gemayel. More than 3,500 people were killed in this massacre. 

In fact, it is still under debate because of the Israel Defense Forces to help this force into the camps of Sabra and Shatila. 

Peritiwa is very much into the news and attract international reaction which further led to much controversy and debate. 

9. Batak massacre 
Batak massacre in Bulgaria is about the massacre of Batak by Ottoman troops in 1876. In accordance with reference source and there are more than 3000 people were killed in this massacre. 

10. Granada massacre 
Granada massacre was an incident where a group of Muslims stormed into the Palace of the Kingdom of Granada and killed the ruler of the Jews, Joseph Ibn Naghrela who was a vizier of King Barber of Granada. 

Massa stormed into the palace and crucified him and killed about 1500 Jewish families who lived in Granada.
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