Lupus, Battle of a Lifetime



Lupus disease is generally a chronic disorder that is immune to the problem. Humans have a functioning immune system to attack foreign substances, viruses, bacteria or germs that can cause disease. However, in patients with lupus, the immune system which should serve as a protective body abnormalities. The body can not distinguish between foreign substances that must be destroyed with the body's own tissues that are useful for survival.
Consequently, the attack is the body's own tissues and cause damage to organs like the lungs, blood, skin, kidney, brain, heart, and others. Damage to the vital organs causing Lupus hereinafter called Odapus increasingly weak and sick.

Types of Lupus

Several types of lupus are dangerous and some are less dangerous. Not all diseases Lupus attacks the vital organs. There is also the only attack the skin tissue. Here are several types of lupus.
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

    SLE in Indonesian called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). The disease is very dangerous because it strikes a vital organ in the body. Erythematosus itself means red. It is characteristic of this disease is no sign or reddish spots.
  • Dicoid Lupus

    This type of Lupus affects the skin only. Usually the rash appears.
  • Drug Induced Lupus

    Lupus disease is triggered by ingestion of certain drugs.

Lupus Symptoms and Detection

Symptoms of lupus can vary for each sufferer. That is why a person suffering from this disease difficult to detect the disease. In fact, the symptoms can mimic symptoms of other diseases.
This is because the organs are under attack can be different for each sufferer. For example, if an attack is the blood, the symptoms are similar to those who suffer from anemia. When attacked the mouth, then the patient can experience prolonged thrush which can be regarded as symptoms of deficiency of vitamin C .
Some symptoms are common in this disease is the appearance of red spots on the nose and cheeks to form like a butterfly called a butterfly rash. Spotting can also occur in the body. In advanced stages, the disease can cause hair loss, excessive fatigue, damage to organs. Lupus sufferers experience such symptoms in people suffering from cancer.
So, how to tell if someone is suffering from Lupus or not is by doing tests antinuclear antibodies (ANA).If the positive test results then most likely the person is suffering from lupus.

Causes of Lupus Disease

Lupus is not a contagious disease and most sufferers are women of reproductive age, so often considered a disease of women. Heredity not as a direct cause of this disease. Although possible, from parents obtained a potentially abnormal gene for the disease, but there are other factors so that the disease can occur. Alleged experts about the cause of this disease is due to hormonal factors, but where the cause is unknown hormones.

Treatment of Odapus

To treat Odapus or people with lupus is to reduce the pains caused organ damage. Treatment is done by a special effort so that this disease does not invade other organs that can cause more severe complaints due to complications.
It should be noted also that environmental factors can aggravate the situation odapus. For example, by controlling food, prevent stress, when the election should be using drugs, and prevent the skin not directly exposed to sunlight containing UV.

Help for Odapus

Because it is not contagious, you do not have to worry about having to relate to people with lupus.Instead, you can help by providing support in the form of attention and help so that patients can receive state so it does not become stressed.
This disease is a lifelong battle. Since the period of time long enough, many Odapus (Lupus) and family members deal with stress.
But the disease can be encountered. Many have also managed to confront the disease Lupus. Always communicate with your doctor about this disease. Support Odapus to make them more open-minded and do not be afraid of excessive because it can worsen the condition Odapus. Try to have a sense of humor because it can help. Disease is not a funny thing, but we must try to keep a sense of humor that is not too stressful.
Support can also be given to family members Odapus, because it takes patience to treat people with lupus. Because it is a chronic disease can even be a lifetime. Do not give up if you or any family members who suffer from Lupus.
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