Video World's Most Unique Penalty Kick


Unique goals as well as the controversy presented in the game versus Lebanon United Arab Emirates. Scored from the spot is probably the most unique in the world.

Theyab Awana executed using the heel of the skin round his back to the keeper. Remarkably, the execution could not dammed goalkeeper Lebanon.

Awana action to make the UAE players immediately smiled. However, some players looked furious with the conduct of Lebanon Awana. Lebanon considers players Awana did not appreciate them by scoring back-heel penalty.

Not only are upset Lebanon, the UAE senior football, Esmaeel Rashed is also not happy with the way Awana scoring. The reason was the same that is not respect the opponent.

"It (the penalty with a heel, Red) should not have happened. I think it shows no sense of honor. We can not accept players who do not respect his opponent," said Rashed.

Rashed statement also followed the UAE coach, Srecko Katanec. "Nothing else to say. It certainly did not appreciate the opponent. I'm not happy. My reaction was normal. I will remove it," said Katanec.

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