Biography of Princess Diana


Princess Diana's charm continues during the life of a family member until the tragic death of Buckingham palace took his life. Diana became world celebrities who always hunted hunter news until the end of his life. Princess Diana was born in a rented house in the land of the Kingdom of Sandringham. His father, Edward Spencer was an English nobleman. Diana's playmates was Prince Edward and Prince Charles son of Queen Elizabeth II.

Diana attended Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk, kemuidan continue to WST Heath School in Kent. After the end of his education in Switzerland, he lives with three friends while working as a kindergarten teacher. Dated February 24, 1981 Diana was engaged to Prince Charles and got married on July 29, 1981 at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Diana then gave birth to her first son on June 21, 1982 and was named Prince William Philip Louis. His second son was born 15 September 1984 and was named Prince Henry Charles Albert David.

Age of marriage of Princess Diana with Prince Charles turns to experience the steep road. The rupture of both partners was eventually wafted by the media in December 1992. Diana then came out of the Palace and stayed at the Palace Bukcingham Keningston. In December 1995 Diana made ​​an exclusive interview with Martin Bashir from the BBC. He stated that the Queen Elizabeth II urging divorce with Prince Charles. Finally, the divorce of Princess Diana and Charles Pangean formally announced August 28, 1996, but Princess Diana was still entitled to hold the title Princess of Wales.

Princess Diana was deeply involved in social activities by supporting the charitable activities of the homeless, neglected children and people with AIDS since the wife of Prince Charles until after his divorce. In 1997 he even went to Angola to support the campaign against land mines by the International Red Cross. All activities of Princess Diana has always been a target of media. His photographs with Egyptian businessman Dodi al-Fayed family make a scene even the British Empire. Until 31 August 1997 Princess Diana died in a car accident was reported in a tunnel in Paris France when he was on his way with Dodi Al-Fayed. Diana was buried in the ground Althrop Spencer family witnessed the birth of millions of people from around the world. Diana's death led to public debate about the role of the British monarchy. Many people feel that the "populist" princess Diana's much different from other royal families.
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