Facts About Women: Eight Facts Why Women Like Gossiping

You should also know that men also liked to gossip, the difference is what was said when gossiping. If men are usually gossiping about politics, work, sport is almost half women gossiping about her relationship with others, matters of love, girlfriend, or the people who made ​​him upset. Women have a tendency to talk a lot of time gossiping and often speak ill of others. Maybe that's the reason why there is a TV series called Gossip Girl, but there is no Gossip Boy or Gossip Guy. Here are 8 facts why women like to gossip:

1. Gossip reduce stress

Gossip helps to reduce stress levels for women because women talk to other people is something that is fun just like men who like to play games.

2. Gossiping is a way for them to make friends

Gossip makes her easy to be familiar with his friend. When they do not have a topic to talk about, then their choice would fall on the gossip. Talk of others will never run out so that the gossip will help to keep the conversation flowing.

3. Gossip is a guilty pleasure

Women know that to speak ill of others is incorrect. But they still do it because gossip has the sensation called a pleasant feeling of guilt (guilty pleasure). As we eat fast food when we know we're on a diet.

4. By gossiping women want to create a bond

When a woman tells a secret, so she believed in him and hope his friend did not tell anybody. She just made ​​a bond based on trust.

5. Gossiping to pour out his feelings

By gossiping, women devote everything to his friend. If a woman is jealous, angry, confused so she often confide to her friend through gossip.

6. Gossip makes women feel more superior

Women who gossip to speak ill of others is the women who want to feel more superior and more powerful than the person who made ​​the gossip material.

7. Gossiping to seek the truth

When women are confused or suspicious of someone, then she would tell on her friends to ask their opinion. "I felt my boyfriend was close to another woman, whether she was having an affair?"

8. Women talk more than men

According to research, 3x women talk more than men. Thus, they also will talk more than men.
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