Kidney, who would have thought that an organ called the " kidneys "with a size of about 11x7x2 cm have a very large role in the body. For such a small organ, the kidneys work hard every day, let alone a vital role in the daily functioning of our body, it is because kidney function is essential for our bodies.

Kidney function

Kidney function for us :

1. Kidneys act as filters for your body to cleanse the blood of waste, but it remains an important element needed by the body (this will be returned as a process called reabsorption)
2. Controls blood pressure
3. The kidneys help maintain acid-base balance
4. Make red blood cells and helps maintain blood composition and pH levels
5. Maintaining strong bones and healthy
6. Why are kidneys so important? The kidneys are "silent partners" to good health! We can live quite well with only one kidney, some people live a healthy life even if born with one kidney. our extraordinary kidney, plays an important role in protecting public health and welfare but are usually not considered as important for healthy living. Kidney disease is one thing that will be encountered if we underestimate the function of a small organ on this one.
7. We can analogize the kidney as a sophisticated tool that is environmentally friendly, waste disposal systems, recycling technology that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while will continue to clean the blood. Every hour the blood supply circulates through the kidneys approximately 12 times. Every day the kidneys clean about 200 liters of blood, with about 1 to 2 liters of waste leaves the body as urine. Much of this waste is produced by the body because of nutritional foods that are not needed. Now try to compare with man-made dialysis equipment that works only 1x and use only clean a few liters of blood.

About Kidney Disease

There are several kidney diseases caused by many factors such as the development of stones in the urinary tract, the development of kidney stones ( kidney stones ). Diseases of the kidney is very benyak found at the age of increasing, why? Because, basically, kidney disease appears due to his work very much, it is also influenced by the intake of food we eat every day. However, it is possible also children suffering from kidney disease, evidence of kidney disease in children is quite commonly found in hospitals.
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