Three Make-up Procedures to Avoid

Make-up should enhance the appearance so you look more beautiful. But how wrong make-up actually makes the appearance of disarray.

Here are some ways the make-up that should be avoided for the sake of your appearanceas quoted from the Care Fair.

1. Wearing a 'concealer'
Concealer created to cover the shortage in the face, like a black eye circles or black dots. Its use was only in moderation. But many are misguided and use concealer as a foundation. Consequently skin even looks weird with the colors that are not natural. use too much concealer under the eyes are also not a good idea, because it will make skin look uneven color.

2. Use a foundation that is too thick
Foundation is useful to disguise wrinkles in facial skin. But that does not mean you will look more beautiful when wearing foundation is too thick. Not only make clogged pores, which are too thick foundation also will make your face like a mask covered. Natural beauty that you have had so vanished.

3. Use mascara
Use mascara to make eyes look more beautiful. Usually, to create the illusion of larger eyes, eyelashes mascara used at the top and bottom. But not everyone can wear mascaraon the bottom lashes.

Use mascara that does not neatly makes the eyes look weird. Instead of wearing mascara on the bottom lashes, better use another way. Clamp the upper lashes before applying mascara will make eyes look more beautiful. In addition to easier, this way also makes you do not need to apply too much mascara.
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