The Trail Traces Events of September 11


September 11, raises two important questions. First, the related causes and the second about the impact of September 11. Americans, especially families, looking to find the cause of this tragic event is more important. Meanwhile, most of the world's population feel the impact of post-11 September a greater urgency to be answered.
The incident occurred in the morning when 19 people of Arab descent seized four passenger planes. With capitalize the four planes, they destroyed the American trade center buildings and injuring some of the Pentagon building. After the events of Pearl Harbor attack by the Air Force (Air Force) Japan, sedahsyat attack has not happened in America. Various analysis of who the perpetrator is actually raised. Some analyze, the culprit was Al Qaeda. They managed to exploit weaknesses of surveillance and security system the U.S. territory. Some added that it would not happen without the help of insiders. Meanwhile, some believe, the omission of intelligence and U.S. national security be the cause of this event. Ten years on from that tragic event, but has not revealed who the real mastermind behind the event.This leads to the politicians and the U.S. Secret Agent (CIA) accused each other.
Finding the answer to both is much easier than finding the cause of these events.September 11 is very broad impact. September 11 could change world history. The world is divided into two groups: the pre and post September 11th. In America alone, the collapse of the twin towers a symbol of American power that led to extremist groups from among Nationalism, Conservative, and hatred of foreigners plus a shadow of fear.
Those most disadvantaged in the event this is the time U.S. President, George W.Bush. He became a symbol of U.S. heroes to fight terrorists. U.S. Intelligence Agency set behind the slogans of revenge for the 3000 people who died in the incident. The U.S. government branded the Muslims as the new enemy. The Muslims were targeted Islam Phobia Americans. They are closely supervised. In short, the events of September 11 has to sacrifice freedom for the sake of national security. Liberal-Democratic government policy underwent a drastic change that is not found since the dark period in American Carthyisme Mc.
When the events of September 11 is described as the earthquake that hit the United States, then the tremors have shaken the region of the world. Essentially, these events led to the term war without borders. George W. Bush's role as "Lord of war" to suppress all the evil in the world. American invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan casualties scowled much larger than the events of September 11 itself. American war strategy changed from defensive to pre entif.
For the second time the nightmare of nuclear war haunted the earth. Bush's statement "With us or against us", has divided the world into two blocs. Meanwhile, U.S. Vice President at that time, Dick Cheney provoked about the fourth world war.The U.S. has stepped tread of human rights with the pretext of fighting terrorists. The world witnessed the phenomenon of sadism gaping American soldiers in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prisons. Infasi Infasi U.S. military to Iraq and Afghanistan have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives of innocent people.
However, it is not as predicted, terrorism is a phenomenon that increasingly benefit from the events of 11 September. Americans under the pretext of fighting terrorism, a day after the incident immediately oust him as leader. Ironically after 6 years on, the current global concerns over the danger of international terrorists into double beripat.U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Ramsfled, after the incident, he asked about the reasons infasi to Afghanistan. He replied, "Afghanistan has turned into a den of terrorists, and obligations of U.S. troops to destroy them." Ever since Bush boasted that time and ordered his troops capture bin Laden, in fact Bin Laden not been caught until now in the presidency of Barack Obama. Far from Bin Laden that none of the officials of Al Qaeda captured American soldiers. In contrast, the incidence of Bali, Sharm Al Sheikh, Madrid and London terrorist attacks marked the increasingly widespread.
In conclusion, 10 years ago the world witnessed the attacks on American military and economic center. And to date 11 September mastermind behind the bombing have not been disclosed. The next question is, if the events of September 11 did not happen, is it possible to form the world with America as the sole super power? Obviously, the answer is not possible. This answer at least can help us unpack the reasons behind the occurrence of the events of 11 September.
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