Unnecessary Medication Expensive?

The saying that 'healthy is expensive' is a phrase that has long been there in the community. It is a real health can not be assessed in the material, because the body is sick in addition to adverse effects of lost productivity or result in the loss of much material to undergo treatment.

For society in general medical treatment costs is currently quite expensive, so many people who originally were considered to be economically able to be 'poor' to pay for expensive medical costs and often said to be without limits. The community because they feel the cost of expensive medical treatment and try a variety of alternative treatments that are currently very prevalent throughout the archipelago. An example is the phenomenon of 'quack little' Ponari awaited by tens of thousands of people. Although the majority of alternative medicine is not scientific & less rational, various alternative treatments continue to be hunted by the people.

Is it true that medical treatment should always be expensive? Is there no other way to get back into healthy so it does not need the expensive cost burden on society? Health services are performed by health workers is basically a service & professional help that is not related to the cost. Big rewards given to health workers are not actually related to the quality of services provided. From studies in various countries, the link between quality of service is expensive, is weak so that quality health care should not identical to the expensive cost.

No country should have affordable health care organized by the community & quality, in accordance with the Law on Medical Practice no.29/2004. In Article 49 paragraph 1 of Law is known the term 'quality control & cost control'. With the quality control and cost the health service should be qualified with the lowest possible cost.
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