Benefits of Green Tea for Health (FEMALE BREAST)


Green tea (ryokucha) is a very common tea in Japan, so when the so-called "tea" (ocha), chances are it is meant green tea, and was referred to as the Japanese tea (nihoncha) if that tea is another option available. Tea is usually sold at a price that depends on the quality and the tea made from plants. Some Types of Green Tea are commonly used are: Gyokuro, Matcha, Sencha, Genmaicha, Kabusecha, Bancha, Hojicha and Kukicha. Well from one type of green tea is also yes there are many kinds, depending on taste alone to his election.

Most of the women, have started to shift in their daily consumption of green tea. One factor may be driving forces most women have heard the benefits of green tea for breast health, the compounds contained in green tea can protect it from attack breast cancer. Want to know more about the benefits of green tea is an explanation, please see more information:

Discoveries about the health benefits of green tea for breast was revealed from the study in the United States by giving green tea to brew some of the mice, while others just get plain water. The results indicate that rats that drank green tea benefit is encouraging. Decreasing breast tumor size and ferocity was reduced compared to mice that only drank plain water. In addition, the tumors of mice that drank the tea and then grow more slowly and are no longer attacking healthy cells.

In addition, the main researcher, Dr. Gail Sonenshein, even saying that the tea did not have adverse side effects. Therefore, people should not be afraid to consume three to five cups of tea per day. There is no problem if people are diligent drinking green tea as a precautionary measure. Lecturer in biochemistry from Boston University School of Medicine was added, especially green tea may prevent breast cancer caused by environmental factors. However, he recommends that patients who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy of breast cancer should consult with a physician before he tried to drink lots of tea.

According to a study published in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry July 2001 edition, the content of polyphenol compounds in tea are very much a role as protective against cancer. Polyphenols belong to a very potent antioxidant. This compound will neutralize free radicals that cause cancer. Their own free radicals created naturally in the body. These molecules can damage human cells. People suspect that this is one of the molecular causes of cancer, including various kinds of other diseases such as heart disease and aging. According to these studies, green tea leaves that have dried consists of 40% polyphenols. In addition to fighting breast cancer, these substances are also believed to reduce the risk of gastric cancer, lung, colon, rectum, liver, and pancreas.

Therefore, do not forget to take a moment to enjoy a cup of green tea.

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