Disorders in Women Know Whitish


Female organ for women is a very sensitive organ and require extra attention and care, especially in terms of cleanliness. Although located quite protected, but if not look clean and cared for can lead to various disorders.Whiteness is one of the disorders of the female reproductive organs. Characterized by whitish discharge (not blood) in excess of the vagina. Every woman I once experienced vaginal discharge in his life, even many who are experiencing it. In normal circumstances, a healthy vagina produces fluid to clean the vagina of foreign objects that are not desirable. The fluid also serves as a lubricant to aid in sexual penetration, as well as help the function of reproduction. The natural secretions such as water or liquid can be sometimes a little slimy, it is generally fluid that came out a little, clear and odorless.

In general, during pregnancy, before and after menstruation and during ovulation or the fertile period when the fertilized egg is ready, tend to spend more vaginal fluids causing vaginal discharge. So is the result of sexual arousal and intercourse when vaginal fluid expelled more. Discharge that occurs as it is, is still relatively normal and healthy. However, if the discharge excessive and arbitrary nature, cause itching, burning and stinging during urine or bowel pain during intercourse, as well as issuing a bad odor, then it needs to watch out because it is an improper discharge.

The occurrence of vaginal discharge is not a disease in itself, but can be a symptom of some other disease. Persistent vaginal discharge in a long time and cause of complaints, it is necessary to do further tests to determine the cause.

The cause of vaginal discharge can be triggered by various things, such as infectious microorganisms are bacteria, fungi, viruses or parasites. Can also be caused by hormonal imbalance, stress, chronic fatigue, inflammation of the genitals, a foreign body in the vagina, and the presence of disease in the reproductive organs such as cervical cancer. In addition to this, the discharge due to infection occurs mostly transmitted through sexual contact. It is also the cause of the importance of a healthy sexual relationship as a partner, etc. are not exchanged.

Discharge is characterized by several things. Number, color, and odor from the liquid discharge due to infection depends on the type of microorganism that infects microorganisms. For example:

  • Infection caused by Trichomonas vaginalis characteristics: discharge is watery, bright green and smells, accompanied by itching, frequent urination, but a little bit and it's hot.
  • Infection by the fungus Candida albicans has the characteristics: vaginal fluid that comes out white, thick, there are white patches are attached to the wall of the vagina, often accompanied by intense itching.
  • Gardnerella vaginalis infection by the bacteria cause cloudy white liquid grayish, slightly sticky, foul odor and itching and heat in the vagina.

If you are having vaginal discharge, as a first step look at how you treat your sex organs, such as Is it clean enough to wear clean underwear and made of materials that can absorb moisture like cotton, change of underwear if it feels moist, apply a pattern of life A healthy and avoid stress. But if the disorder is excessive and disturbing experience you'll want to consult with your doctor to find out the cause with certainty.

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