Practical Way to Clean Own Jewelry


Have you noticed your favorite earrings look dull and dirty? Or gem-studded jewelry you no longer shine bright as before? To make your jewelry look new all the time, is an important step to keep valuable objects remain clean and free of dirt. Caused by the exposure of your daily activities such as water, soap and dirt, very reasonable when you jewelry tends to look dull and discolored. However, you need not worry! Clean jewelry at home is a great way to get a variety of jewelry shine like new again. By using some of the things available at home you can really do wonders to make your jewelry look like new. Through this article, you can listen to some tips and how to clean gold and platinum jewelry.

Some Tips and How to Clean Jewelry:

Gold and platinum

  • The best way to clean gold or platinum jewelry is to use cleaners that are available in jewelry stores. Dip in solution, rinse with warm water and then rub dry with a lint-free cloth.
  • Another way is with use dish washing liquid. Take a few drops and then dissolved in 2 cups warm water. Dip a soft cloth into the soapy solution, and scrub the jewelry you want to clean with a cloth slowly. In no time, you will be shiny jewelry.
  • If there is dirt to accumulate in a small corner of your jewelry, consider using a soft brush to clean it. Do not use abrasive brush, use a soft brush to remove dirt by gently rubbing the direction of unity.

Jewelry Silver

  • Silver jewelry cleaners can clean using non-abrasive silver metal that can be purchased from a jewelry store. The liquid should only be used on stained sections. You do this by using a soft cloth to rub your silver jewelry shine again.
  • Fluoride toothpaste can also be used to clean silver jewelry. Simply use a little toothpaste and rubbing your fingertips on your silver jewelry carefully. Take a soft cloth and rub gently to make it shine again.
  • Do not wear jewelry of silver when you go to the pool, the chlorine in water can destroy it

Gemstones / Jewelry with gemstones

  • Jewelry with precious stones should be soaked in warm water with a little soap for several hours. Then remove and rub with a soft cloth to make it shine again.
  • Do not use cleaners and chemicals in stone because the stone can react to chemicals.
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