Recognizing Signs of Pregnancy

Getting married is a phase change in one's life from an individualistic life into a new life and complement each other in pairs. But married life is incomplete without the presence of a child. For a woman's pregnancy is a tremendous boon and makes itself more complete by being a mother to give birth. But have you know and find out how the signs that you're pregnant. For those of you who are laymen and do not understand what characteristics are indicating that you are pregnant, the following guidelines in sum.

In pregnancy will be found some of the symptoms and signs of pregnancy. If you are in doubt whether pregnant or not, you should notice any symptoms or signs following pregnancy.

Some early symptoms that can be detected as a sign of pregnancy:

Not getting your period.

An adult female, regularly every month to produce eggs that will shed if not fertilized by the sperm cell. This is known as menstrual / menstrual period. By the time a pregnant woman, the body does not produce eggs but uterine wall began to be prepared to accept the pregnancy. One thing to note is to know the first day of last menstrual period, which can determine the approximate age of pregnancy and childbirth. Keep in mind that not getting your period, but as a sign of early pregnancy can also be caused by other things.


Common symptoms are often detected is a sense of nausea and vomiting in pregnant women young age. This occurs because of hormonal changes. Known as "morning sickness" because of nausea and voliting often occur in the morning in the first months of pregnancy.

Frequent urination.

Women who are pregnant are generally frequent urination. This is because the bladder pressure by the enlarged uterus. Complaints will usually be reduced in pregnancy after 12 weeks and comes back after 28 weeks of pregnancy.


Cravings are wanting certain foods, occurring in the first months of pregnancy. Cravings are not always experienced by pregnant women, there are times when symptoms are not felt by a prospective mother.


Other signs, such as breast enlargement, nipple enlarged, darker in color and sometimes itchy or painful.

The above symptoms occur varies in every woman, there is mild or severe, but some are not having any complaints. If any of these symptoms have not been there for you, then you can be sure to test each other because pregnant women have a complaint and different symptoms. To obtain more accurate results and make sure your pregnancy, then you can test the urine. Tool to test your urine can be found in pharmacies and you can do this test yourself at home.

Examination of the urine test is to measure the levels of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone produced by the placenta and will increase in urine and blood during the first week after conception. The most accurate test is performed in the morning because this hormone increases the amount in the morning. If still in doubt, see your doctor immediately. The doctor will be able to ensure your pregnancy with ultrasound (ultrasonography).
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