Some Errors In Diet

Body is proportional and kept a dream of many people especially women. Various methods are used to get a slim body and pleasing to the eye. But often in ways that are done to achieve the ideal body condition ended in failure or bahakan lead to health problems or in the end fell ill because of the efforts made ​​too much and eventually tortured body. Here are some common mistakes made ​​in the diet, may provide input and guide you towards an ideal body condition

Skipping Breakfast

Eating breakfast is the most important for our body. After we slept 8 hours without any nutrition at all, our bodies need nutrients at breakfast and also to face a long day with full energy. Skipping breakfast keeps your body catabolic, which is the body trying to take energy by taking from our muscles.

Allow yourself to starve

Starve our bodies will lead to decreased metabolism, which causes a slowing of burning fat, and it lowers our energy everyday so that we will feel less fit, sluggish. State of hunger is also a sign the body of our stomach is empty and your blood sugar is low while our brains need it. If passed, we will begin to feel pusing.Yang right is to eat 5-6x a day, eat three normal and three snacks to boost your metabolism to remain high.

Avoiding Dinner

Often we assume that dinner does not really matter. Indeed, in bed we do not need that many calories, especially we do not need a high carbohydrate. But we need much protein as we sleep, because when we sleep, growth hormone will be out, the body will repair all the body's cells are damaged and most important raw material is protein. Protein intake should be around 2-3 hours before bedtime. Carbohydrates at least 4 hours before bedtime.

Do not eat after exercise

Eating after exercise is assumed that our sport will be in vain. Burned food should not be immediately filled again. Though eating after exercise is important for our bodies to eat. It is advisable to drink the protein and carbohydrates maximum 15 minutes after exercise, and eat real food up to 1 hour after exercise to repair the body after exercise.

Crash Diet

Avoiding fat is one of the dietary patterns practiced by most people. Whereas fat has an important function in our body, which helps the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, K. If we do not consume fat at all, eat your body will lack these vitamins and cause more serious illness. Do not eat carbs is also very dangerous because your body needs carbohydrates for the main energy source. Our brains also need it for energy. The recommended diet is a balanced, rather than one which forbids any kind of nutrition.

Less intake of water

Less fluid or water intake in the body it makes your body hold more water in the body and cause additional weight and lack of drinking water also led to less nutrient metabolism or digestion running smoothly. Should drink 2-3 liters of water every day.

Compensation for a particular day are free to eat

Assign (cheat day) of a special day where you are free to eat anything and any amount is considered as giving rewards or prizes after we made it through six days earlier with a strict diet. Diet is actually a regular diet, providing a cheat day will program your brain that six days before the day is full of misery. This pattern continued when, over time will make us tired of dieting and finally release the diet is doing and make our diet as a whole fails. Think of your diet is a lifestyle not a demand or pressure from anyone.
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