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During this time many who think jazz is music among the people, because nowadays most jazz lovers are those that could be considered rich. But in fact, if we look at history not as the assumption that there is. Instead, this music was derived from blacks who at that time was the oppressed. The process of birth shows jazz is associated with survival and expression of human life.

This music first appeared in the United States in the late 18th century. Initially, jazz was born with a basic Blues. Then in around 1887 has become a popular form of Rag Time, which at the time was in the form of piano playing in bars. Blues and Boogie Rag Time evolved into - Woogie. The forms are in addition to reaching the track itself, it also develops your journey tracing music jazz.

The researchers suggested the music, the jazz form that can be considered as an early form that develops over time to shape the current jazz, is a form of jazz that are around the year 1915 to 1917. At that time, the negro in the city of New Orleans, the U.S. plays jazz with a distinctive style, also known as the New Orleans Jazz. New Orleans jazz musicians, presenting their performances in bars, gambling houses and even places of prostitution in those very thriving in New Orleans.

Originally the word 'jazz' itself is quite interesting. This vocabulary is not there any dictionary. Estimated originated from the English-American slang, jasm, which equates to Jism, and have a sense of spirit, energy and bravery. However, Jism also means semen, so the first word is considered taboo in society. Over time, the meaning of the last taboos fade, until now we have known the word 'jazz' as a genre of music is loved by many people from different walks of life.


In the 1920s known as the Jazz-age, the period in which jazz music increasingly known and popular in the community, not only in America but also began to spread to Europe and other regions. Swing music also accompanies jazz heyday in the 1930's. And the peak in the 1950's, modern jazz so well known in the community at the time.

Furthermore jazz continues to evolve with the times. Music with other streams are also growing, and a rival for jazz music itself, but jazz is not necessarily dead. Improvised-improvised continue to maintain existence jazz music, as well as to develop this music and make it more acceptable to the public. Innovation last proves jazz is the music of a dynamic, up to date without having to 'betray' roots, namely jazz fussion, the flow that combines jazz with elements of various genres, especially funk, rock, R & B, ska, electronic, and world music.

Now see the results, jazz increasingly widely accepted by the world community. Citing a jazz musician Jakarta, Toni Brilianto, "Jazz is not a high-level but high-music-music-taste." So it's not just those from the upper class who can enjoy jazz music, but those who have a high taste .
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