Lead Poisoning is An Extremely Serious Issue


Lead poisoning is an extremely serious issue that can have truly catastrophic consequences for families with young children. In the majority of cases of lead poisoning, children were afflicted with the condition because they ate something that had lead paint on it, they sucked on lead paint chips, or they breathed in lead paint dust. If ingested, the dust and chips can cause lead poisoning, especially in small children.

Medical professionals will evaluate the child to determine if the symptoms being experienced are due to lead. If the child has been poisoned, there are two main courses of treatment. This type of therapy involves the child taking chelating agents. There are also cases where children have been poisoned with lead because of poorly maintained rental properties they have resided in. In the event that your child was poisoned with lead from a rental property, you can possibly hold the landlord and/or any remodelers accountable.

If your child was harmed while living in a rental property, and the child has undergone a complete medical evaluation that backs up your claim, the law is quite favorable. For children who were harmed by lead paint in children's products or toys, manufacturers will have to pay for all past, present, and future medical expenses, as well as punitive damages in many cases.

There is simply no reason for children to be harmed by lead paint in this day and age. Contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to help ensure your rights are properly protected.
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