How Facial Treatment Using Natural Ingredients

How facials using natural materials are increasingly being carried out today, this is an indication that the womenfolk have a grasp of the concept of back to nature to treat the face rather than using chemicals is of course dangerous and have side effects in the future. Because natural is far more valuable than treatment that uses chemicals or expensive.

How Facial Treatment Using Natural Ingredients

But still many are asking what materials can be used as a treatment. Well, with the following natural ingredients you can care for yourself at home facial.
How Facial Treatment Using Natural Ingredients

- Using lemon

The fruit is very nutritious to make the facial skin pores become more tightly due to the amount of vitamin C in it. Addition of lime can also make the skin smoother and more radiant. As for how to care face by splitting the orange in half, then squeeze the water can be applied to the entire face. Allow a few moments and rinse thoroughly.

- Using apple

Apples turned out very well be used to reduce excess oil on the face, so the face will be more moist and fresh. As for how to blend the apples, then apply the results to the entire face blenderan earlier. Strive not mixed with water and rinse thoroughly.

- Using tomatoes

Basically tomatoes could eliminate some diseases like acne, blackheads and black spots on the face. How to blend the tomatoes and then made a face mask.

- Using a banana

Bananas can give skin moisture, this is due to the content in bananas can nourish the skin with maximum. To get optimal results, you can also mix it with a tablespoon of honey.

- Using yam

Provide yam and wash thoroughly, then peel the skin to be shredded. You can use the juice to the water allowed to stand overnight so that it thickens. Of the sediment that is you can use as a face mask.

So to get skin clean and healthy, then some of these tips you can do and it is effectively used as a way of facial treatments .
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