Eight Properties of Parsley


1. Aid digestion and increase vitality.
Therefore, it is useful also to eliminate the gas in the stomach and increase appetite, and relieve intestinal spasms.
How to use: Insert one teaspoon of parsley seeds in a cup of hot water. After about a quarter of an hour, drinking water. Drink before meals twice daily.

2. Materials to facilitate urination.
These benefits can be obtained thanks to the work apiole oils help to expedite the moving fluid in the body. Therefore, it is very important for those who are sick rheumatism, heart disease and obesity.
How to use: Take flowers or leaves to make juice, Drink as much as three tablespoons a day.

3. Helping launch period.
Also, it can reduce pain during menstruation.
How to use: Take as much as 25 grams of dried roots of this plant, add half a liter of water, then boil for ten minutes. Drink a cup of water a day.

4. Wash the eye.
This plant can help reduce eye irritation due to fatigue.
How to use: Take a few parts of the plant, could stem, leaf or flower. Then dip it in water for several minutes. Use water to wash the eyes. How to use it like using boorwater.

5. Reducing wound pain.
How to use: Mix a few ingredients from these plants with alcohol after crushed. Lumatan warranty on the body of scratched or injured after their blood cleaned. The content of ascorbic acid and zinc contained in this plant is very important to a case like this.

6. For relaxation.
How to use: Enter the 50 grams of fruit juice of this plant into the water to be used for bathing. After that use the water for bathing. Guaranteed you will feel completely comfortable during and after bathing.

7. Reducing excess milk.

How to use: a soft plant parts are crushed, then boreh on the breast for some time.

8. Halitosis (bad breath).
How to use: Eat the leaves of this plant directly or added to salads.
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