Arowana Fish Types and How to Treatment

Arowana fish is one of the freshwater fish that may be regarded as the holder of the highest caste in the world for pet fish. Although classified as a fish that is very expensive, many people who like this arowana fish, especially those conglomerates and some circles are still familiar with the occult world. Yes, Arowana fish is considered by some as fish carriers sustenance.

In addition to high-priced, arowana fish, also has a very respectable place in every house of the owner. This fish was never placed in the back of the house or other place of the somewhat hidden, but the fish are almost always stored in the living room, living room, or even in front of the house owner. Arowana fish like an artist who will always be exposed by the management.
Arowana Fish

Well, for those of you who also want to keep this fish at home, you should really pay attention to ways of maintaining them. You certainly do not want a fish that is very special and expensive it would be a heap of carcasses that do not mean in your home, right? If it were so, instead of going to bring hockey, which is in fact you will lose money.

Therefore, in order to enjoy the privilege of this fish at home, you'll want to read an article about a good way to preserve and maintain the following Arowana fish.

1. Notice Aquarium Equipment

As a medium to keep arowana fish, the Aquarium would have to have full functionality, in this case is of equipment. Because after all, this equipment will greatly determine the success or failure of caring for arowana fish in the aquarium.

Some aquarium equipment that can provide comfort for Arowana fish, among them as follows.
  • Aerotor or air blower, which is a tool used as a supplier of air into the tank and driving the remnants of burning that occurred in the aquarium. Aerotor good is capable of blowing air and have enough electrical current that is not too large.
  • The thermometer and heater; both this style is very useful as a counterweight or water temperature controllers that are sometimes not balanced. The thermometer will detect any existing water and heater temperature decrease will be directly stabilized again.
  • Filter or filters; the tool that serves as a regulator of the water cycle in the aquarium. Dirty water tank will be sucked up, filtered, then returned to the aquarium in a clean condition.
  • Fluorescent lamp; lamp only functioned as a sweetener aquarium display only. Not advised to use a lamp that has a high temperature, because it will result in temperature becomes excessive tank that will impact on fish condition.
2. Aquarium Care Intensity

If you already overdo love with arowana fish that "berlenggok" beautiful in the aquarium, inevitably you have to take care of the aquarium is more intense for the Arowana appearance is maintained. Perform change control and water tank on a regular basis.

3. Interior Aquarium Setup
Apart from having to pay attention and take care of aquarium equipment, arowana fish keeper should be able to create interiors that appeal to Arowana. These fish include happy to hide behind the plant, therefore try to tank you have a water plant.

4. Feeding

Most arowana fish that are kept in the aquarium always fed with centipedes. Actually, you can do variations of the feed to the Arowana fish. Arowana fish, including fish that have the possibility of bored with the food menu, as well as humans. Some fish feed that you can provide, among other things, lizard, cockroaches, crickets, small fish, or small frogs.
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