Modern Gadgets Have Made Us Slaves to Machines


Modern devices have become slaves of complete machines. There is no job that can not be done without the help of machines and there is no area of ​​human activity, where the machines should not be used. No one can deny the fact that gadgets not only simplifies our lives, but also makes them comfortable and luxurious. But the dependence of man on them has increased so much contrast that we can not do without them altogether. If taxis are off the road, we can not reach our goal. No kitchen without cooking gas cylinders or flame. No, that we can not do, even simple calculations to wash something, without a washing machine or electricity.

If the electricity goes out, comes to life for each of us run to a halt all the gadgets with him, either AC, TV, computer, telephone or other modern appliances. Maybe there were times when all work was done with the hands go either right or far away places. People might have been difficult to walk miles and work hard. In this day and age we can not climb the stairs without feeling a burden on our endurance. Modern instruments have completely changed human life and health largely. It is that the machines have sent a servant without whom life has become. So we can say that our dependence on modern gadgets we become slaves of machines and complete, we worked our mind and there is the vitality, strength and endurance, and thus lost no more than good health and happiness and perseverance.

This dependence on the machines has changed the very human psychology. We no longer have the ability to work hard or bear pain or discomfort. All this has led to increased irritability, tension, anxiety and anger. Therefore, the human nature of human values ​​to shortsighted and aspects. Thus, "slavery" has given us the pleasure-seeking "animals" who only care for the comfort of the animals. In other words, we can say that the dependence on machines made us lethargic physically mentally and emotionally dead. If we want to revive and get out of this slavery, we must resort to manually work hard and give a spirit of power and vitality that we can live free of disease and health.
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