Walk 30 Minutes


Walking is a sport that is cheap, safe and very fun when done together with friends, couples or families. And do not ever under estimate the walk, not least because the benefits we can get from just a walk. In essence, physical activity is done continuously and in a long time to train one's physical fitness, including walking. In addition to physical fitness training, oxygen is inhaled and distributed to the blood circulation. In effect, the condition of the body do not get tired quickly and more quickly return the body in normal conditions, andreduce stress or depression.

Benefit Walk 30 Minutes a Day

More than three million men-perhaps including yourself-do not have the idea that they soon become victims of a disease that can snatch their vision, their courage, even their lives. "I never found a man twenty years of age who do not have the sexual ability because of diabetes. The disease attacks any age. The effect is a crisis." A disease that killed more than 16.000 soul in a year, roughly half of them men. Many men just shrugged and shook his head when asked about the possibility of developing this disease, because the symptoms can not be seen. In addition, some of them still think that this disease is caused by eating too much candy. This disease, not associated with most eating sugar. Someone who was diagnosed with diabetes when the body does not produce enough insulin or does not use insulin properly there.

Walk 30 minutes
Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas and necessary for converting food into energy. "The linkage with the sugar", stems from the fact that most of what we eat for energy be elaborated into a kind of sugar called glucose, the fuel cell is distributed to each of us to live. After all diabetics must limit their sugar intake, because this material can make blood sugar levels rise very high. In healthy people, glucose is automatically absorbed by the cells. The body uses glucose as needed and appropriate the remaining stores. However, without the insulin receptor function to open a cell so that glucose can enter, the excess sugar is accumulated in the blood stream and can cause a myriad of problems in men.

What Steps Need Every Day?

Foot steps needs vary depending on health conditions to be achieved. For long-term health and reduce chronic disease risk are needed 10,000 steps every day. To reduce weight, between 12000-15000 steps each day. If you want a successful aerobics, step still needed is 3,000 steps each day.

Use your holiday to exercise efficient, there are no costs involved, take your family, friends, and your colleagues for this make healthy sport.
Remember, health is in your self.
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