All-New Ford Focus, Parking Can Own?


All-New Ford Focus which will be launched in Indonesia in 2012 had one feature that has not owned the vehicle class.
Ford Motor Company will embed a cutting-edge features, active parking assist the All New Ford Focus. Bagus Susanto, Sales & Marketing Director of PT. Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) provides a leak about the feature.
Active parking assist will help the Ford Focus driver, especially women who experience difficulty when parking the car at a difficult angle. So the driver's residence to enable the feature and steering wheel will be running his own car parked automatically.
"Want to know how the performance of these features, please go to YouTube," Good said at a news media about FMI sales performance in the first quarter on Wednesday.
Good suggests active parking assist feature present only in upper class vehicles, but attach it to the All New Ford Focus which is a middle-class sedan.
Other vehicles, Ford Fiesta, had a feature Voive Command. Ford Fiesta alone has sold 1.370 units in the first quarter of this year and make the car a top seller FMI.
Ford Voice Command feature is a feature that can operate audio and telephone systems through voice, the system is to connect with a Bluetooth network. So the driver can just press the button on the lever sein and mentions the desire desired system operations such as turning the song and received a call just by sound.
"Customers will be attracted, how it feels to be chatting with his own car," he said.
Courage Ford Motor Company to install the superior features such as Voice Command received an award from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) as first-class cars are equipped with voice activation features for audio and communications systems.
All-New Ford Focus include Ford One of the eight cars to be sold in Indonesia for five years. Ford Motor Indonesia will not disclose the name and type of the six cars One Ford unless All-New Ford Focus and the All-New Ford Ranger which will be launched in Indonesia in 2012.
"Eight One Ford global product that will strengthen the penetration of Ford's latest significantly in Indonesia," said Will Angove, President Director, FMI.
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