History of Batagor


Indonesian culinary products, most are already very well known by the public. There Meatball, Chicken Noodle, Pempek, up to hundreds of snacks and other traditional foods Archipelago.

And now the traditional food has become a very worthy product business and give a lot of very promising opportunities.

One of these food products are Batagor, acronym of Meatballs Fried Tofu, which is a food innovation that comes from Sunda. These foods widely available in Bandung, Bogor, and other areas in West Java, but now is reaching Batagor and other community preferred.

One of the favored of these foods is the way of presentation and making an easy and   has a delicious flavor and aroma. In the area of Bandung, is a pioneer who began selling Batagor business since the 1970s, called Isan.

Origin Batagor 
Fried Tofu Meatballs (Batagor) why these products exist? Apparently Batagor born of chance. At that time, Isan is the seller meatball around in seputaran Road Kopo, Bandung.

One time, the meatballs are sold less behavior. Every day he think what to do with meatballs, you know, this unsold. Should it be discarded, or processed again to keep making money.

Simple idea to fry the remaining meatball know it comes and she do if the remaining merchandise. At first these fried meatballs know that he share with neighbors, but it turns out the neighbors loved it. In fact there are neighbors who are required to be made.

Seeing such enthusiasm, Isan began trying to peddle the idea that has been fried meatballs with the usual meatball know he sold. Outside estimates, demand was much, even trade be fried meatballs know that more behavior than just selling meatballs.

Finally Isan more develop-fried Tofu Meatballs, by giving the aroma and taste of fish is more powerful and more, with a special sauce, so that more people menyebitnya Batagor, as we know it today.

Since then Isan has increased customer. Until the early 80's he rented plot of land to sell for around the village do not need anymore.

Baso know fried began much is known. Many imitate others, especially those selling at around Bandung. Fried Tofu Due Baso fever that occurred at that time in Bandung, then at that time many customers who call with a short called is Batagor.

Start Known
Batagor Isan was very famous,  and mengisnpirasi many people to make similar. Since 1980 it appears the big names in the world per batagoran in Bandung, such as Batagor Riri, Batagor Abuy, Batagor Kingsley, Batagor Burangrang etc.

Isan Batagor themselves experiencing a boom while still maintaining the existing flavor and still flooded with customers from various groups because the price is very close to the people until today.

Isan is very humble,  recruit a lot of relatives to help run the business. The place he used to move until now he occupies a location at Bojongloa street, still in region Kopo area of Bandung.

There have been many employees who mostly relatives that he was encouraged to go forward with Batagor own kiosks and allow use his name. Because it is easy to find Isan Batagor stalls because there are several locations including in the area of Bandung diseputaran Cimahi, Cibaduyut etc. While that still he managed his own management is that the Road and on the Road Cikawao Bojongloa.

All Recent Batagor Isan have the same recipe, so taste and relative prices are not different, but no doubt a variety of positive innovations undertaken by their respective owners in order to conform with the surrounding environment.

While other Batagor speeding, Batagor Isan chose to remain conservative in their business. This is because the Isan which now has become a pilgrimage, a character that is very simple and less enthusiastically participated in the world who thought excessive business competition.

Batagor Isan people still visited by many and is able to provide livelihood for his family felt as a gift that will not run out he was grateful for its existence. The figure of Haji Isan is now 70 years old still color the business development, but the day-to-day operations he had long been on people serahan belief that young and energetic like figure that he mas Nano submit manage that in Bojongloa street.

The figure of Mr Batagor resort is now living in his hometown, far from Bandung, to give his life serving a variety of religious social activities. Far from jumawa impression that he is the creator of culinary, which has now become one of the culinary icon of Bandung.

Isan do not think the rest of his merchandise if return is more comfortable and more attitude than the previous form, not too much that she chestnut confectionary which he created to provide culinary colors on his beloved city, Bandung.

That historic moment that occurred when he created Batagor. And Batagor Bandung has now penetrated into foreign countries.
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