Tips for Overcoming Termites At Home


Termites are the biggest enemy of your home. Consuming passion for wood can cause the material in your home is damaged and worse, the house can be fragile slowly. There are some simple ways to prevent the termites invade your home. But most important is to maintain always that no part of the house is damp for too long.

Here are tips to protect your home from termites, as quoted by Helium:

Clean Sewer
Termites love moist areas and absorb lots of water, one ditch. Clean always ditch in front or side of the house and keep the trash or dirt does not clog the gutter.

Fix a Leaking faucet
If there is a leaking faucet, immediately improve. A leaky faucet is always dripping with water even when not in use. This can make your home damp and could be a place ternyaman for termites. In addition to prevent termites come, it also saves water.

Cut Wood
Food termites is wood, so try not to place material in the timber near the house foundation. Also avoid putting a pile of wood in the house, should be put on the page and place it as far as possible from building houses. Do not put wood directly on the ground, but provide the first base of iron or ceramic floor underneath.

Air Ventilation Monitor
Make sure the air vents or vent clear of paint chips or brick. Give the wire netting on the vents to prevent entry of debris into the house. Because the material coming from vents can invite termites 'visit' to your home.

Plitur Birthdays
Use a good quality wood for balconies, stairs, doors and window frames. Facilitate low-quality wood termites to eat. Do not forget to take care of regularly, can clean it regularly or daub over with plitur.
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