What's the benefit of the Network Computer?


Computer networks are very useful in IT technology so widely used in various circles, eg in the office, cafe or at home we are. So what are the benefits of computer networks so that many who take it?
Resource Sharing / Share data, the intention is to network our computers can use the available resources together. Suppose a user is located 100 km away from an office computer and it needs the data in a computer they will be, using the computer network he will easily get the data. It's as if the data are close by. This often means that the computer network overcome distance problem.
High reliability, with our computer network to obtain a high reliability by having alternative sources of supply. For example, all files can be saved or copied to two, three more computers connected. So if one computer breaks down, then copy the data on another computer that can be used.
Save money, have a small berukutan computer price / performance ratio is better than a big computer. Large computers such as mainframes have speed roughly ten times the speed of a small computer / personal. Will remain, the price of mainframe thousand times more expensive than personal computers. Imbalance price / performance ratio and speed is making the system designers to build systems that consist of personal computers.
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