Benefits of Milk


Commonly known as milk drinks amplifier bones and teeth due to calcium content it has.However, there are actually lots of nutrients that exist, such as phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B 12, vitamin B 2, amino acid and pantothenic acid. Of these beneficial nutrients to support the health of your body.

Benefits of Milk

Because it has the nutritional content, the milk has the benefit of not a few, including:
  • Prevent osteoporosis and keep bones strong. For children, serves milk for bone growth that makes children grow taller.
  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Prevent damage to teeth and maintain oral health. Milk can reduce the acidity of the mouth, stimulates saliva, reducing plaque and prevent cavities.
  • Neutralize toxins such as metal or tin that may be contained in food.
  • Prevent colon cancer or bowel cancer.
  • Preventing diabetes type 2.
  • Beautify the skin, making it more shine.
  • Helping to make it faster to sleep. This is because the content of the milk will stimulate the hormone melatonin, which would make drowsy body.

Milk Types

The types of milk available in the market also vary. There are terms that say as a substance contained in the milk that you may not know. Some terms are:
  • Full cream

    Containing 4% fat and typically contain lots of vitamin A and vitamin D.
  • Low fat

    Low-fat milk, because the fat content is only half of full cream milk.
  • Skim

    The milk fat content even less, less than 1%.
  • Evaporated milk

    That is milk that has diupkan some water so that it becomes thick. Similar to the sweetened condensed milk, milk tetepi fresh taste of this type.
  • Pasteur Milk

    The milk through a process pasteurisais (heated) 65 ° to 80 ° C for 15 seconds to kill pathogenic bacteria that can cause disease.
  • Flavoured

    Actually, full cream milk or low fat is added a certain flavor for variety. Such as milk chocolate, strawberry, banana and other flavors. Generally contain sugar that much more because of the addition of these flavors.
  • Calcium enriched

    Milk with added calcium and fat content has been reduced.
  • UHT

    Stands for Ultra-High Temperature-Treated. This type of milk is milk that is heated in a high temperature (140 ° C) for 2 seconds then immediately inserted in the carton airtight. This milk can be stored for a long time.
  • CLA

    Milk is useful for people who want to streamline the body. CLA stands forconjugated linoleic acid is that will assist in the formation of muscle and speed up fat burning.

Why Drink Milk?

Although it has many benefits, but many people are reluctant to drink milk. This is evident from the lack of milk consumption in Indonesia people per year. One reason that often dikemukan is the expensive price of milk. For the price of milk, there are actually a lot of milk that cost has been adjusted. And considering the many nutrients it contains, then it takes is to instill awareness of the benefits of milk so that people can consume and do not regard it as an expensive item.
The other reason is not like drinking milk because it makes the nausea or abdominal pain after drinking milk. When you feel abdominal pain after drinking milk, it means you suffer from lactose intolerance. The reason for the lack of production of lactase in the body. Lactase is an enzyme produced by the small intestine that serves to break the lactose contained in milk that can be absorbed by the body. But for people with lactose intolerance, lactose-solving process is complete so that no lactose is not tercena will enter the large intestine and is digested by bacteria present in it, causing flatulence, contains a lot of gas, and diarrhea.
As a solution of the feelings of nausea or abdominal pain, you can replace the milk with dairy products like cheese, yogurt , ice cream, evaporated milk or soy milk does not contain lactose. Some milk producers have also made milk without the lactose that can be consumed by pendeita "lactose intolerance".
If you want to consume dairy, you should not use sweetened condensed milk because milk is the nutritional content of this type is lower due to the manufacturing process also contain lots of fat and sugar are not good for the body. Consumption of milk is the recommended three servings per day. One serving is 250 ml of milk is equivalent to 35 grams of cheese or 200 grams or 200 grams of yogurt ice cream. So, there is no reason for you not to drink milk instead?
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