Kiwi Fruit Nutrition Content

Fruits are one source of nutrients and contain vitamins or minerals that are beneficial to human body. Therefore we recommend adding fruit in our daily diet to keep our bodies healthy and nutritional needs are met. For this review the following information about the nutritional value or nutrients contained in kiwi fruit and citrus fruits. May be useful!

Kiwi fruit is a fruit with a unique appearance, with green flesh and tiny black seeds. Kiwi fruit is an exotic fruit that is a source of vitamin C. Consider further the following description further to explore information about the nutritional value of kiwi fruit.

Talking about nutrition, kiwi fruit is a very healthy fruit that contain potassium. The fruit is very nutritious as well as add to the flavor and appearance of the fruit salad. If you want to enjoy the full sweetness of the fruit kiwi fruit then choose a large and fragrant. Kiwi fruit is still raw, still have a sour taste. Calories in kiwi fruit is kiwi fruit with a medium-size contains about 46 calories, 0.3 grams fat, 1 gram protein, 11 grams carbohydrates, 75 mg and vitamin 2.6 grams of dietary fiber.

The main benefit to the health of this exotic fruit is the fruit is a great source for vitamins and minerals and is a type of fruit that are beneficial to fitness and health. This is supported by a lot of dietary fiber which helps in regulating blood sugar in the human body. Eating kiwi fruit vitamin C will protect you from the clutches of asthma problem. So, with menikmai delicious and fresh kiwi fruit, you also enjoy the health benefits.


Citrus fruit is a fruit with a sour taste, which contains healthy nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Various types of citrus fruit source of vitamin C acts as a remarkable and important nutrients needed by the body. Citrus fruit itself has a variety of species such as lime, mandarin orange, Pontianak oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc.

Citrus fruits are not only consumed for taste, but citrus fruits also form an important component of a healthy diet, as some health benefits contained therein. To taste the real pleasure lies in the time consuming citrus fruit is as fresh fruit (not enjoyed in the form of processed products). Various types of citrus fruit each has a refreshing aroma and this explains the reason why orange became the top choice among the various types of fruit on the market. This is usually watery fruits and orange juice in the water is the main acid-containing elements, which give the fruit a distinctive taste. Orange color varies depending on climatic conditions. Citrus fruits are usually picked before fully ripe condition. As you enjoy the fresh citrus fruit and delicious at the same time you also enjoy the health benefits for our body.

So do not hesitate to eat the fruit, because apart from many delicious taste that you will get, especially for the health of your body.
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