History of Television


History discovery of television that there are several people and organizations who seek it. Since the development of the idea until that becomes an electronic machine called television, done with the hard work of several parties. Here is the history of television:

George Carey
1876 - George Carey, create selenium camera has an image so that someone can see electricity.

1881 - The idea of using scanning to send images to put true pantelegraph practical usefulness.

1884 - A German student named Paul Gottlieb Nipkow patented the first electromechanical television system which works by scanning the disk, the disk rotates with a number of holes spiraling toward the center. On the same hole with the disk rotation interval will allow light through each hole and into the selenium sensors that generate electrical pulses. Called the electric telescope with a resolution of 18 lines.

1897 - Karl Ferdinand Braun made a CRT with a screen that can burn if exposed to light. This is the beginning of the basic history of tube-based television screen.

1900 - History of television instead using the new name was first discovered in this year. Is Constatin Perskyl that mention tele (far) and vision (looks). which if combined into a television.

1907 - Two men named Boris Rosing and Campbell Swinton separate experiments using cathode rays to be able to send pictures.

1925 - John Logie Baird of Scotland shows the transmission of moving silhouette images in London. He also found a video recording system for the first time.

1927 - History in the development of modern television first invented by Philo T. Farnsworth. A scientist from Utah, USA. Why is that? This is due to the idea on the basis of the television image dissector.

1929 - Vladimir Zworykin from Russia to enhance the development of the cathode tube and then call it with the kinescope. Her findings developed technology that actually only by CRT.

1940 - This is the early development of the first color television. Someone named Peter Goldmark create a color television with a resolution reaches 343 lines.

1956 - Robert Adler and Eugene Polley find the television remote engineer.

1975 - Larry Weber was a scientist from the University of Illinois began designing the color plasma display.

1979 - Kodak Company create OLED (light-emitting organic diode), the same year launches Walter and Peter Le Comber makes the thin film of liquid crystal material that light transfer.

1981 - Japan NHK television channel show a new history of the HDTV technology.

1995 - Still remember with Larry Weber, in this year project was completed with success the plasma screen. He created a plasma more stable and bright screen.

2000 years upwards, development of LCD products, plasma cathode ray tubes and even. And following the historical evolution of digital television.

As of 2008 following the development of digital television in Europe and the United States, Indonesia will also implement digital television broadcasting system (Digital TV / DTV) is a type of television that uses digital modulation and compression for video distribution systems audio and data to the aircraft television signals.
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